Sunday, November 7, 2010

Yes! Annapurna Base Camp (ABC)

Day 7  Machhapuchhare Base Camp, MBC (3,700m) -> Annapurna Base Camp, ABC (4,130m)
Total time: 1hrs 45mins
Breakfast: French toast and oat porridge with apple
Lunch: Cheese macaroni and french fries
Dinner: Dal Bhat and omelette

I am just 2hrs away from ABC.  Finally!!!  It was freezing cold in the morning at MBC.  The climb to ABC was a cold one.  It was 2 degree then even when the sun was out.  Despite me having my gloves on, my hand still felt frozen.. probably cos I was just wearing a cheap Daiso so-call fleece glove???  Luckily that freezingly cold feeling was gone after my constant rubbing against my pants.. so it was not frost bite.

The trail up to ABC
Along the way we saw people walking down from ABC.  They were the happy lot now to climb down while we were still on our way up.  One told Kenn it was so cold up there, so remember to request for 2 blankets on top of the sleeping bag!  Wow... 

Maila told me to take my time, take all the photo I wanted.. the room will always be there for me.. hahaha.. apparently, Dumbar had booked for us in advance when he was with the American group a few days before.. (same as the lodges at Chuile and Dobhan, so nice of him).

Me & Maila approaching ABC soon!
Yes! Yes! Yes!  Finally! We've reached ABC! With the snow-capped Annapurna range of mountains surrounding us... the coldness embracing us despite the sun looking affectionately down at us... all seemed so surreal then...

Annapurna Base Camp @ 4,130m

Stones stacked high for good luck blessings

Reflection of the snow-capped mountains

Annapuran glacier... reduced to a puddle of water due to global warming!!!

It was the festival of the Brothers & Sisters, where the sister will give the brother their blessings

Kenn and Maila went ahead to climb up the ridge near the base camp... too cold, ankle getting swollen so i passed.  It was a lazy afternoon then, everyone crowd in the dinning hall reading, playing cards game or chatting cos we each paid NRp 100 for the heater (a gas stove place under the long dinning table) so warm in there that I don't even wish to get up to go out!

Maila gave us 1 blanket, he said it's enough.. which was true.  In the middle of the night, when I woke up for my toilet break, Kenn had somehow "kicked" away the blanket (which I wondered how he did it since he was cocooned in the sleeping bag).  I felt warm (with my fleece, cocooned in the sleeping bag with blanket on top..) so going to the toilet was not much of a torture and I can even stay outside for a while to look at the blanket of stars above the sky!

Sunset @ ABC

Sunset @ ABC -- Golden peak!

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