Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hotspring!! Sinuwa to Jhinu

Day 9 Sinuwa (2,340m) -> Jhinu (1,760m)
Total time: 3 hrs
Breakfast: Gurung bread and cornflakes with apple
Lunch: Spinach soup, rice with curry chicken
Dinner: Onion soup, mixed vegetables, stir-fried chicken

We must have been very very tired yesterday. Both of us fall asleep without brushing our teeth and the lights still on in our room.  It was only later when I need to go to the toilet than I switched it off.  It was either I am really too tired or I did not want to open the room door and be greeted by all those flying insects, moths or whatever outside, that I actually slept through the night till daybreak!! Amazing!  Guess this was the best sleep I ever had for the past 8 days!

"Sakura" tree along the trail to Jhinu

Today will be a short trek, 3hours to Jhinu where we will get to soak ourselves in the hotspring there!  I did not forget the long flight of stairs toward Chhomrong.  Panting hard, walking up to Chhomrong 1 step at a time.  Even it was only just 1+ hour of walk leaving Sinuwa, we decided to drop by a cafe to have a cup of coffee and chocolate cake.. thou to our disappointment.

Look nice but disappointing taste and texture
Kenn was up to mischief here when we passed by a house where there were kids happily asking for sweets.  He gave them his whole packet of Fisherman Friend... erm... the kids sucked on the sweet, than their faces all crumpled and they spit out the sweets and throw it away... hmm...
p/s: Folks, if you are going there, remember not to give them sweets. For dental issues as according to Audrey.

Unlike in Japan, where each guesthouses will have a hotspring or just a few mins or sec walk to the hotspring.  Here, you still gotta walk about like 20-30mins down a forest trail to the hotspring pool which is next to the river.  You will need to wash yourself clean with soap before you can step into the pool.  No bikinis please.  So a pair of shorts and a tee or a sarong will be good.  The water thou not those super hot as Japan but it was a real treat to the cold and of course to our tired legs and my swollen feet.  After the soak, you will have to walk uphill back to the lodge and you start perspiring again... *sigh*

Hotspring next to the wild river

The Hotspring pool

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