Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hot Shower vs Powder Bathe

After a few days in the mountain, I developed a mountain shower ritual.  It lasted me for days except for the day at ABC where it was too cold to go thru this ritual. 

Well, it goes something like this (at least for me):  you 1st pick up the courage to finally walk into the bathroom,  turn on the tap and wait patiently for hot water while trying to avoid the cold water splashing out. When the water finally turns hot, you jump into the running hot water, do a super quick shower and turn off the tap. Than the cold wind will start blowing at you… and you start the freezing jumping ritual when finally you managed to wipe your body dry and quickly wear your clothes and viola you are clean and refreshed again. 

After that, jump into the trusty down sleeping bag, rubbing against it for friction to create some heat to your body... and there nice and warm again....

The trusty down sleeping bag
At ABC, it was simply too cold to shower, you don't want to touch the water which is freezing cold.  Using the antiseptic powder we bought before the trip, I just pour substantial amount all over my body.  We also put powder into our socks and our boots so that it will not smell.. It prove to be very good with nice smell also.

Though... I still prefer the shower....

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