Friday, November 5, 2010

Saga of a Lost Goat - Chhomrong to Dobhan

Day 5 Chhomrong (2,170m) -> Dobhan (2,600m)
Total time: 5hrs 
Breakfast: Himalayan kingdom breakfast, Bacons
Lunch: Curry Vegetables with rice, Korean maggi mee
Dinner: Spaghetti and spring roll

The early morning @ Chhomrong

Today's destination was Dobhan, approx 5 hrs 30 mins from Chhomrong.  After a very heavy breakfast, we bid farewell to Chhomrong.  The trail onwards to ABC now will also be the same route when we returned from ABC.  As such, any downhill now equates to an uphill later.

View @ Sinuwa

The trail from Chhomrong drops down to the Chhomrong Khola via many many steps.  It then climbs up to Sinuwa and on to Kuldi at 2,470m.  From here on, we entered the upper Modi Khola valley where the location, the number and size of lodges are controlled.  So, if the lodges are full, you may have to sleep in the dinning room or a tent.  Even the beds in the small rooms start to increase.  Our room at Dobhan has 1 double bed and 1 single bed, worst scenario will be sharing the room with a total stranger.

It's also getting colder now.  Dobhan is in the thick of the forest with waterfall nearby so you feel the chill especially come night fall.

Lodges @ Dohban
There we met a Filipino gal who is alone with her guide.  She is hoping to go straight up to ABC and back down the next day.  My jaws just drop.. can you enjoy it?  Well, maybe she can walk fast.  She had a friend who decided to quit halfway and will be waiting for her in another town and as there's no empty room, she chose to sleep in the tent rather than share with other trekkers... cold.

It was really cold at night, but Kenn decided to try his luck to take star trail.  Standing in the cold with another fellow avid trekker-photographer, my camera with his wide angle lens was positioned upright towards the sky for about 1hr or so... hmmm... mission failed...

P/S: one interesting event of the day was to witness the saga of a lost baby goat.  Before reaching Bamboo for lunch, we heard a shrill of cries from a goat!  There we saw a black baby goat "crying"... seems like looking for his mother.  Than we heard another small cry from another goat... must be the mother.  The mother while "shouting" for her baby, she was also buzy peeing and eating the leaves...hmm...
Anyway.. I wonder if the baby or the mother were hard at hearing?  They can't seem to identify where the crying/shouting came from so both of them just kept going round and round.. and only after almost 10mins later, did they finally reunited... phew...

Starring the baby and mother goat

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