Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Across mountains - Jhinu to Pothana

Day 10 Jhinu (1,760m) -> Pothana (1,990m)
Total time: almost 7 hrs
Breakfast: Breakfast set (2 hard boiled eggs, 2 toasts, 1 banana & potatoes) & Fried eggs
Lunch: Fried rice with cheese & soup + complementary curry
Dinner: Curry chicken with rice, Momo & apple fritters

Just last night when we were chatting with the other trekkers, we realised that we are the only ones going to Pothana while the rest were heading to Nayapul where they will take a cab/bus back to Pokhara.  It was really tempting, to go back to civilization, have a long hot shower and sleep soundly on a real good bed in a real good room.  However, after checking with Maila and do some calculation, it was not worth it to top up the extra $$ in order for civilization.  Well, it's just one more night... so we followed as per plan.

From Jhinu
Today will be another long journey.  From Jhinu, we have to trek to some bigger villages like Landruk, Tolka and on to Deurali before we reach Pothana.  This was also essentially the waterfall route as we pass by many many waterfalls.  We also crossed many bridges thus we are crossing from 1 mountain to the other.

Waterfall @ New Bridge, it will flood during the rainy seasons
The longest bridge we need to walk across.  According to Maila, there are some who took almost 10 mins to cross it.

Here the scenery was no longer the snow-capped mountains, but the valley, padi field terrace, picture-perfect scenery.  At Tolka, we met with a few "obstacles" like the sweets gang kids, dancing girl, flower girls... they will stop you along the way asking for sweets, pens, money....

After lunch at Tolka, we continued on to Deurali, where it was also the start of our last steep ascend for this trek.  It was like climbing to the summit where summit will be Deurali and than descend to Pothana.  The weather had been cloudy and windy so at least it was not so bad thou I have the constant worry that it will rain.  During my descend to Pothana, my knees started to protest.  At one time, my right knee suddenly experience a sudden smash on the joint and I almost just fall and roll down the steps if not for my trekking pole....

Millet plant and drying it
When I reached Pothana, I was sort of a little disappointed.  It was by far the most run-down area of all.  According to Maila later, he had wanted to bring us further to Dhampus for the night but seeing me looking so tired, he decided to stick to plan.  *Sigh* should have tell me mah, I don't mind to walk the extra for a comfortable stay...

Anyway, after 10 days in the mountain, actually however run-down it was, at least there's a roof to shelter you as compared to the less fortunates... so no complaints.

The know-how-to-post-for-camera cat
The sleepy doggie

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