Monday, November 8, 2010

Long trek day ABC to Sinuwa

Day 8  Annapurna Base Camp, ABC (4,130m) -> Sinuwa (2,340m)
Total time: almost 7hrs 30mins
Breakfast: Tuna sandwiches and fried potatoes with cheese
Lunch: Spring roll and maggi mee
Dinner: Mushroom soup, Dal Bhat with beef curry and rice pudding

Driven by the constant reminder of other trekkers -- MUST be up and out by 6am to view the beautiful sunrise at ABC -- so much so that I got annoyed by Kenn's nua-ness... Well.. after so many days in the mountain... It really did not get too impressive now.  What you see was actually the same golden glow on the snow-capped mountain peak from the sun, just like sunset! Just that it's now at the opposite side of the mountain range.  So, in the end Kenn can't be bother with it... and these were what I took.. 

Instead of the initial plan to trek back and stayed at Bamboo, we decided to go further to Sinuwa as the view was nicer there than at Bamboo.  It will be a long long day... remember the down when we go up to ABC, now it will be up...

Saying our good byes at ABC...
We started at around 730am and off we go charging down... what took us like 4 hours to climb up from Deurali to ABC, we took only about 2 hrs to reach Deurali.  

Beautiful.. it's -5 to -10 degree at ABC
Was it because of the cold?  I can't really feel any pain at my ankle initially, but once I came to warmer grounds and of course after many down trails... the pain came back... I can feel my ankle swollen and my toes getting blister.  It started to get very difficult. I started to lost my focus, tripping occasionally on tree branches and loose stones.  At times, there's the dangerous, narrow trail where I trip and thanks to Maila who was always behind me to grab me when I trip, if not I won't be here writing this blog!

Not much photos today, I need to concentrate to get to my destination!!  :S

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