Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ghorepani to Chuile - the Interesting Trek

Day 3  Ghorepani (2,860m) -> Chuile (2,855m)
Total time: 5hrs 30mins
Breakfast: 2 toasts, 2 boiled eggs/scramble eggs, fried potatoes
Lunch: Mushroom soup, spaghetti 
Dinner: Vege momo, Dal Bhat

Today's trek I would say was one of the most interesting.  Here we climb along ridges and through pine and rhododendron forests toward Deurali, on to Tadapani and down to Chuile for the night.

From Ghorepani, we started walking into a forest when we reach more steps up.  I don't know why, despite me having a heavy breakfast after the morning Poon Hill trek, I still felt tired.  Climbing up the steps was so demoralising, that's bad!! We just started the day!

Demoralizing climb.. but with superb view.  From left: Annapurna II, Annapurna IV , Annapurna III (hid by clouds) & Machhapuchhre

Climb all the way up and along the ridges
Anyway once I am out of that demoralising forest I felt better as I am able to see the Annapurna range again.  Maila cheered me by telling it will be Nepali flat till our lunch place.. really??? that's good news J

Indeed it was Nepali flat, sometime up, sometime down and about an hour or two later we reached a fantasy forest of greenery, forals, streams... Kenn started cursing and kept saying he miss his wide angle lens which was in his big backpack. Just suddenly, he started walking very very fast till I lost sight of him... Actually, Kenn had caught sight of WJ our porter, so he ran after him to get his wide angle lens and change :S

Actually it took us quite awhile to reach our lunch place today because we kept stopping to take photos... The forest with the stream was just too beautiful... well, it's also a time for us and Maila to rest.  From the last 2 days, he realise we don't usually stop for coffee or tea for a break.  We usually rest for around 5 mins and we will start walking again.  For me, if I were to stop for too long, I will lose the momentum of trekking and is like I have to start warming up agian.

After lunch, we started walking towards Tadapani.  Tadapani is like Ghorepani, a village with many guest houses.  It's the intersection point where trekkers from other areas like Tatopani, Ghandruk will come and stay for the night before moving on to other areas.  Maila told us all the guest houses are full and we shall walk further to the next guest house at Chuile which is another 1 hour walk from Tadapani.  Luckily that 1 hour is down hill...

Along our walk to Chuile we saw a number of porters carrying super heavy stuff.  We saw a big foldable table, chairs, boxes of food... etc.  Understand from Maila, they are part of the camping group.  Typical set-up is around 8 porters at least even for only 2 trekkers!  I was wondering, since it was camping, still need table and chairs??

Kenn excited over the Marijuana plant
When we reached Chuile, both of us were so excited!  There's only 1 guest house there and the view was so amazing!  We were both so glad we did not stayed at Tadapani.  Later we heard that actually Dambar had booked a room for us here a few days before when he was here with his Americans group.  Thanks Dambar 
Mountain Discovery Lodge was like built on a mountain summit and you see a different view of Annapurna.  Here we caught a view of Annapurna South and Machhapuchhre!

Mountain Discovery Lodge

View from Chuile
 ** More photos of Chuile at Day 4...

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