Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's Nepali flat - Chuile to Chhomrong

Day 4 Chuile (2,855m) -> Chhomrong (2,170m)
Total time: 3hrs 
Breakfast: Rosti and apple pancake
Lunch: Fried chicken with fries and pork fried rice
Dinner: Noodle soup with vegetables and swiss steak

Maila told us our lodge is facing the east thus we will be able to see sunrise.  Rise and shine we saw a magnificent sunrise from the mountain. Hoo hoo...

Sunrise @ Chuile


Today's trek to Chhomrong will be a short one, about 3 hrs and it's a steep downhill from Chuile to Gurjung which is the village of the Gurung people.  Thereafter it will be a relatively easy walk to Chhomrong for our night.  

Trail, beware of "chocolate cake"...

Kenn had wanted to go further since it's 3 hrs which means we can actually push further and not waste our time at one place... Maila then said after Chhomrong there will be no meat, Chhomrong will then be his last place to satisfy his meat craving. Applaud!!!! 

Snow-capped Machhapuchhare
It's really not a bad idea to stay at Chhomrong.  Other than satisfying the meat craving of the monster's stomach, the view there is really great!

Annapurna South
At night during dinner time, chit-chat with fellow trekkers, which later the guys, one by one went back to their room and took out all their gadgets -- solar battery charger, lenses, camera... etc.

The gadget gang

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